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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Abu Muhammad al-Jolani's Statements on the Christians of Syria

Ambiguous Directives Do Not Address the Kidnapping of Christians

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, leader of al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (The Nusra Front, AQ-JAN), has allegedly issued the following directives to his fighters:
  1. Never break any cross of infringe on any Christian holy symbol.
  2. Never abuse Christians or harm any of them unless someone attacks you and declares war, and so will be treated as an enemy.
  3. Never harm any of the nuns or people of the churches, nor infringe any Christian property whatever it could be, even the smallest of them.

Alleged directives of AQ-JAN's leader al-Jolani on the treatment of Christians
Alleged directives of AQ-JAN's leader al-Jolani on the treatment of Christians

Unfortunately, missing from these directives on the treatment of Christians is any reference to kidnapping Christians. This renders the orders of al-Jolani meaningless and empty, as the kidnapping of non-combatants such as the nuns of Maaloula is in fact i) an infringement upon Christian holy symbols; ii) an abuse of Christians; and iii) harmful to Christians. This, by extension, is harmful and abusive to the Syrian people and their cause.

The abduction of the Maaloula nuns might be seen as a bargaining card by their kidnappers, but this is a very shortsighted move, as the damage inflicted upon the Syrian Revolution is strategic. Taking the nuns as hostages is not only immoral, but also deeply offensive to the Christian 1/3 of the inhabitants of this planet.

Thus, by keeping the nuns in captivity, Jabhat al-Nusra is in fact playing into Bashar al-Assad's hand and validating his claim that the Islamists in Syria are merely armed terrorists.

For the sake of Syria and the Syrian Revolution, Jabhat al-Nusra must get its act together and disassociate itself from al-Qaeda, renounce terrorism, and strictly abide by the modern international rules of war and the Geneva Convention. This means combatants do not kidnap nuns and keep them in captivity!

Free the nuns.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Iraq's PM Nouri al-Maliki Accuses Jews of Conspiracy and Terrorism

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Makes Anti-Semitic Remarks

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

During an interview with Hadith al-Watan, Nouri al-Maliki accused his country's Sunnis of running a bombing campaign in their own midst to present themselves to the United Nations as victims of sectarian strife and request its protection. Maliki proceeded to compare this alleged Sunni scheme to an allegedly similar tactic employed by Zionists in the 1950's to force the migration of Iraqi Jews to Israel.

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki Accuses the Jews of Conspiracy
and Terrorism. Skip until 1m:45s.

Al-Maliki: "This [conspiracy] is similar to the case of the Jews in Iraq in the [19]50's when they wanted to displace the Jews to Palestine, they started blasting [setting off explosives] in the Jewish areas, in their cafes, in their gatherings, they kill one here, one there, and they created a news media wave: 'O Jews of Iraq, you are targeted', so they [Iraqi Jews] escaped from Iraq and went and became a part of the formation of the State of Israel on the Palestinian land…"

As a leader of Iraq, a country indebted to the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-confessional United States for its liberation, it's not appropriate of Maliki to make such disgraceful comments. The Shiites are more indebted to America than any other group in Iraq, and Maliki is a Shiite. Really, Maliki is kind of spitting on the hand that helped him come to power by making such statements, for Jews are an integral part of the American fabric. Jewish tax payers and Jewish blood contributed to the liberation of Iraq.

Maliki used a shotgun approach and referred to Jews in general where he should not have mentioned them in the first place. He didn't even say "Zionists" (euphemism for Jews) as is customary among more politically-correct leaders. He just used the word "Jews" outright. And Jews, in his scenario are i) conspirators; and ii) terrorists! Much more can be said too...

Maliki wanted to register some very, very cheap points by indirectly involving the Jewish community in his bitter sectarian struggle with his country's Sunnis. Self-evidently, his intention is to demonize his Sunni adversaries by comparing them to the already-demonized Jews (as is the unfortunate case in the Arab/Islamic culture).

Is Maliki subconsciously hinting that he wants the Sunnis to leave Southern Iraq like the Jews were forced to leave their country in the early 1950's?

There are sectarian murder campaigns ongoing in Iraq. Maliki seems to be looking for anything that can help him and the Axis of Resistance win the war against the Sunnis in the area.

Maliki's remarks are a reflection of his anti-Semitism, lack of good judgment, and lack of ability to justify his failures as a Prime Minister (who is also looking forward to a questionable third term in office). What's easier for would be dictators than deflecting blame by comparing enemies to imaginary infamous Jewish conspiracies! (Some people have alleged that there is truth to Israeli (as in nationality, not religion or ethnicity) involvement in these tragic events in the 1950's, but these are also staunchly disputed by others. 1950–51 Baghdad bombings.)
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