Of Masters and Their Slaves

"It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master." ―Ayn Rand

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hezbollah Quotations

"The storm of hatred [by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah] does not deserve anything by neglect, for it is the product of anger, frustration and tension." -- Saad Hariri

"The atmosphere of tension that warns of fitnah in Lebanon is solid evidence of the failure of Hezbollah's preemptive war against what it calls Takfiris." --Eyad Abu Shakra (@eyad1949), September 8, 2014

Articles by Eyad Abu Shakra.

"Hezbollah is Shia. And we have seen what the Islamic State will do to the Shia. Mass executions. So Hezbollah better redirect their war efforts away from Israel, because what they’ve always wanted to do to the Jewish State is about happen to them. Karma is a bee-yatch." --Pamela Geller, September 7, 2014

"Hezbollah may be the 'A-Team of Terrorists' and maybe al-Qaeda is actually the 'B' team. And they're on the list and their time will come. There is no question about it - it's all in good time. And we're going to go after these problems just like a high school wrestler goes after a match. We're going to take them down one at a time." --Richard Armitage

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Analysis: Are ISIL Terror Attacks in Lebanon a Serious Threat to Hezbollah?

Lebanon Is Just Too Far From ISIL's Relevant Theatres of Operations

Can the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) play its game in Lebanon and force Hezbollah to change its strategy in Syria?

Not really.

At best, ISIL can unleash minor terror campaigns in Lebanon, as the entity lacks a serious embracing environment among the country's Sunni Muslims. Sporadic terror blasts cannot force Hezbollah to withdraw any detachments from Syria.

What for, anyway?

Terror operatives are best fought with covert counterterrorism security operations -- not infantry.

Terrorist arrested in Beirut
Terrorist arrested in Beirut

To the contrary, Hezbollah should now have the motivation to send its terrorists deeper into Syria, into ISIL strongholds, and hunt the leadership of its foe in their bases and homes.

What ISIL gains from any terror attacks on Hezbollah targets, including the party's embracing environment, is sympathy from Sunni extremists. This may translate into more recruits for ISIL. But, none of the Sunnis in Lebanon are right now in a position to confront Hezbollah militarily.

Alas, even the official Lebanese state (including the Lebanese Armed Forces) is in the grip of the more powerful, but unofficial, Hezbollah state.

Terror blast in Dahiyeh
Terror blast in Dahiyeh

But, with its terror attacks in Lebanon, ISIL may be telling the West: You despise me, but, I'm after Hezbollah, so spare me your wrath and I'll weaken the Khomeinist Resistance Axis, for both you and me.

Indeed, the West will not go back into Iraq -- at least, not like it did in 2003, with thousands of troops on the ground. What for? To bleed for the sectarian regime of Nouri al-Maliki and its anti-US masters in Tehran?

Let the Resistance Axis deal with ISIL!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Does the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant Serve the Interests of Iran?

A Deadly Viper on Iran's Borders is Never Good News for Tehran

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) does serve the Khomeinist regime's so-called Resistance Axis in terms of narrative validation and anti-Sunni propaganda, and in draining and discrediting the anti-Assad regime rebels in Syria. 

But once a raging ISIL becomes victorious and dominant, the Resistance Axis's aforementioned advantages lose their current primary importance.

ISIL terrorists parading
ISIL terrorists parading
ISIL is a genuine threat to the Shrines of Ahlulbayt in Iraq, and to the Shiites in general. Narrative validation and Western sympathy are always good to have, but what major difference do they make if ISIL gains the upper hand in Mesopotamia? The Shiites of Iraq would have to live under Saddam Part Two, except that the new 'Saddam' is enraged and far more bloody than the buried one.

Is it to the interest of the Khomeinist regime that ISIL deploys its terrorists on Iran's borders?

That's very much doubtful.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Female Genital Mutilation in Shiite Islam

Shiism Permits Optional Limited Female Genital Circumcision

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

In some human rights circles, there is an ongoing intense debate on the topic of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The practise of FGM is most common in African communities. It is also perceived as associated with Sunni Islam. But, what is the position of Twelver Shiite Islam on FGM?

The answer might come surprising to some!

In Shiism, Female Genital Circumcision (FGC) is permissible -- but not mandatory -- up until menarche. Thereafter, it becomes forbidden. And what's precisely permitted is the removal of only a portion of the clitoris.

The aforementioned is an important distinction as in some societies girls undergo traumatizing FGM experiences that leave them scarred for life.

The information on FGC in Shiism are based on the published rulings of Grand Ayatollah al-Sayyed Ali Sistani. He is considered by many Shiites to be the most knowledgeable living scholar on Shiite Islam.

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani
Grand Ayatollah al-Sayyed Ali Sistani
It is important to note that in Shiite jurisprudence, permissibility does not necessarily imply obligation or even encouragement. Devout Shiite laypersons do go back to their 'sources of emulation' -- highly qualified scholars who have completed advanced Islamic studies and attained the rank of Mujtahid (Arabic for diligent) -- to seek advice on all matters, worldly and otherwise. Indeed, Islam governs all aspects of life.

The office of Ayatollah Sistani published the ruling on FGC in response to queries by the general public. This most likely means that there are concerned Shiites seeking solutions to what they perceive as genital problems, probably aesthetic in nature.

These issues, without getting into their details, are not alien to Western and other societies. For instance, in the West, there are numerous women who visit plastic surgeons to receive very costly and quite painful elective genitoplasty, such as clitoral hood reduction and even Labiaplasty. In fact, the level of interest in these beautification surgeries has become a phenomenon known as the "designer vagina craze."

Going back to Shiites, like those in numerous religious communities, they consider their bodies to be the absolute property of God, The Creator. Hence, a devout Shiite feels that he/she is not at liberty to alter his/her body in any fashion unless the desired modification(s) is(are) religiously permissible.

In the opinion of this author, the edict of Ayatollah Sistani is laudable and reflects deep wisdom: For those who desire FGC and meet the specified conditions, he ruled that the performance of partial clitoridectomy, which is the equivalent of, or similar to, clitoral hood reduction, is permissible. Yet, Ayatollah Sistani made it very clear that "only a small portion" of a girl's clitoris may be removed -- guaranteeing that she will grow up to live a normal sexual life, God willing.

Indeed, God is Most Merciful.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Syrian Rebels Cuttoff Strategic Highway Linking Damascus to Iraq

The Islamic Front-Army of Islam Captures Rest Station on Highway 2

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

After their successes in the Adra and Dumayr areas of Damascus Province earlier last week, the Syrian rebels seized the initiative, advanced eastward, and captured the strategically-based al-Safa Rest Station on Abu al-Shamat Highway (HWY 2) on Friday.

Al-Safa is a road-side hamlet located in al-Qutayfah District, 84 km to the north-east of Damascus, and 188 km south-east of the Iraqi borders, through HWY 2. By controlling the rest station, the Syrian rebels sought to prevent or delay the land movement of pro-Assad regime Shiite militiamen and war supplies from Iraq to Damascus.

From al-Dumayr to Al-Safa Resting Station:
39km on Syria Highway 2, heading east

The rebels who captured al-Safa, the Islamic Front (IF), are a politically-moderate Salafi faction with no ties to al-Qaeda terror group. IF is backed by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

Istirahat al-Safa: Al-Safa Rest Station on Syria HWY 2,
a.k.a. Abu al-Shamat Highway

The assault on al-Safa came as a part of IF's wa a'eddou military campaign. Wa a'eddou is Arabic for "and prepare," which is a part of a Quranic Sign (Quran 8:60) that calls upon Muslims to strengthen and equip themselves with the proper weaponry to meet their enemies in combat.

Al-Sada Rest Station is located in Al-Qutayfah District,
Damascus Province, Syria

Aside from its importance as a key point on the road linking Baghdad and Damascus, al-Safa is also described by the pro-Syrian rebels media as a stronghold of the Assadist forces.

The mullah Zahran Alloush giving a sermon

Prior to the assault on al-Safa, the Sunni mullah Zahran Alloush addressed the IF fighters and gave a sermon. Alloush told the assembled soldiers, "God is with us if we are with God," and called upon them to make both their lives and deaths for God.

The rebel's Tank

During the assault on al-Safa, an IF Russian-made T-72 could be seen moving along desert terrain to approach its target from the rear. Somehow, the rebels managed to reach the rest station undetected and unopposed.

Storming al-Safa

Another video released by the rebels (see right above) shows the aftermath of two attacks on Assad regime vehicles by IF fighters. One of the destroyed vehicles is a technical fitted with, according to the cameraman, a "Dushka" (but its more likely a KPVT 14.5 mm large-calibre machine gun).

The other vehicle is a fast-travelling KIA sedan, which received gunfire until it came to a dramatic halt and its occupant  -- a uniformed and armed combatant -- neutralized.

The cameraman speculated that the fighter in the KIA is a member of Assad's Presidential Guard.

The sectarian nature of the war was quite evident from the expressions uttered by the cameramen (it seems that the video is the compilation of footage captured by more than one cameraman):
[0:57]: "The Mujahedeen of the Army of Islam-The Islamic Front are storming the Safa Rest Area and cutting off the Damascus-Baghdad road, the vital road for the regime, which receives aid through it from the Shiites of Iraq."
[3:28]: "By God, we shall take revenge upon the Nusayris for every Muslim brother."
[4:15]: "Destroying two vehicles for the Nusayri army."
Afterwards, the camera team shows low-flying Russian-made Assad regime jets unleashing their rockets on rebel positions with impunity. Indeed, the rebels still lack effective countermeasure to the Assad air force.

It is unknown whether the rebels can hold on to al-Safa -- a location in the middle of nowhere. As to the Assad Iraqi supply line, it is not necessarily totally cutoff. Alternative but much longer routes are still under the control of the Syrian regime.

In the meantime, the rebels are still powerful and kicking. If anything, the capture of al-Safa shows just that!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Khomeinist Promise: The Reappearance of Imam Mahdi is Imminent

But, the Truth Must Be Told and Expectations Must Be Set Right

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

Why do the Khomeinist mullahs keep persistently promising the Shiites that al-Imam al-Mahdi is soon to reappear?

The turbaned clergymen are basically calling upon the disenchanted mobs in Iran and other countries to be even more patient, and assuring their burdened subjects that final relief is soon to come.

Obviously, numerous Shiites are quite unhappy with the direction and situation under Khomeinist mullah rule; thus, the Shiite populace, especially in Iran, are constantly reminded that the efforts of the Khomeinist regime are directed mainly towards the higher goal of paving the way for The Awaited al-Mahdi to reappear, for it is only then that the quality of the Shiites' lives is to significantly improve and unlimited riches and spoils of war are to be enjoyed, under the direct rule of al-Imam al-Mahdi.

Of course, all of this is to happen after the Twelfth Infallible Imam conquers the world and defeats all non-Shiites, in very bloody final wars.

Indeed, setting the expectations right is not a crime, but misleading mankind is not honorable.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

كلمة الأمين العام لـ 'حزب الله' السيد حسن نصرالله في مناسبة ذكرى 'الشهداء القادة'


  • [00:00] كلمة الامين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله في مناسبة ذكرى "الشهداء القادة"
  • [--:--] نصرالله: عند التحدث عن الشهداء القادة يجب التحدث عن العدو اسرئيل
  • [02:08] نصرالله: وصلنا الى مرحلة لا احد يريد التكلم عن فلسطين وعن العدو الاسرائيلي وهذا ما ارادته اميركا واسرائيل والمطلوب ان ننسى
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الاميركيون يريدون منا عدم اعطاء فلسطين اولوية ويجب الاعتراف انهم نجحوا بهذا الامر لدرجة كبيرة لكن ما زال بالامكان تدارك الوضع
  • [04:56] نصرالله: الادارتان الاميركية والاسرائلية تسعيان لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية لان العالم العربي والاسلامي غائب وكل دولة "مشغولة بحالها"
  • [05:00]"لِه الآن وَأْتا"
  • [--:--] نصرالله: يجب التذكير ان اسرائيل عدو لمن نسى في لبنان والمشكلة في لبنان كانت دائما في تشخيص هذا العدو
  • [--:--] نصرالله: للاسف الشديد اعتبر كثير من اللبنانيين ان مشكلة اسرائيل عام 1982 مع الفلسطينيين فقط ولا تشكل خطرا على لبنان ونظر اليهم البعض كمنقذ
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لولا انطلاق المقاومة بكل الوانها لما خرجت اسرائيل من بيروت والجبل والجنوب
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لولا المقاومة لبقيت اسرائيل في لبنان وجميع الطوائف اللبنانية لها تجارب سيئة مع اسرائيل
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الاسرائيلي يعتبر ان الانقسام الحاد في لبنان والوضع في المنطقة فرصة للهجوم على المقاومة وهو يشن حرب نفسية شرسة علينا وينظرون الينا على اننا الخطر الاكبر على اسرائيل
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المقاومة تزداد قوة لمواجهة استحقاقات اصعب رغم الشهداء الذين يسقطون لها في سوريا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اليوم ندعو من جديد ان يصبح الجيش اللبناني القوة الوحيدة القادرة على الدفاع عن لبنان لنذهب نحن ونرتاح
  • [--:--] نصرالله: في الماضي ترك لبنان لمصيره واليوم يترك لبنان لمصيره
  • [--:--] نصرالله: منذ عام 1982 لغاية 2006 كان هناك في لبنان من يحمل المقاومة مسؤولية الاعتداءات الاسرائيلية على لبنان
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لو اصغينا لهذا المنطق لكانت اسرائيل بقيت في لبنان ولكانت تحكمت بالبلد وشعبه وموارده
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الخطر الثاني الذي يهدد كل دول المنطقة هو خطر الارهاب التكفيري وهو يوازي الخطر الاسرائيلي
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المشكلة ليست فقط بالتكفير بل بعدم قبولهم بالآخر واستباحة دمهم واموالهم
  • [--:--] نصرالله: التكفيري يكفر من يعاديه من اهل السنة ويستسهلون تكفير الآخر ومثال على ذلك داعش وجبهة النصرة بعد ان كانو فريقا واحدا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المجازر التي ترتكبها داعش والنصرة بحق بعضهم دليل على العقل الذي يتحكم بهذه المجموعات وهم اختلفوا لاسباب سياسية وتنظيمية وليس لاسباب عقائدية
  • [--:--] نصرالله: في لبنان تعرضنا لعدة تفجيرات انتحارية وارتكبت عدة جرائم على هذا الصعيد ومن يقف خلف العمليات الانتحارية يريد اعلانها حربا مفتوحة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الم تفرض حرب في لبنان قبل ذهابنا الى سوريا من قبل هذه الجماعات الانتحارية؟
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الجماعات التكفيرية اعلنت ان حربها المقبلة بعد الانتهاء من سوريا هي في لبنان
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لو سلمنا جدلا ان حزب الله يدفع ثمن تدخله في سوريا، فهل هذا الامر يستحق ان نتدخل في سوريا ؟
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اليوم نرى ان اغلب الدول التي دعمت ومولت الجماعات الارهابية في سوريا تبدي خشيتها من تناميها لان في حال انتصروا فان سوريا ستصبح اسوء من افغنستان
  • [--:--] نصرالله: بالاسابيع الاخيرة بدات السعودية حملة ضد المشايخ الذين يحرضون الشباب السعودي للقتال في سوريا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: السعودية اتخذت اجراءات ضد من يقاتل في سوريا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: السعودية لم تغير سياستها اتجاه الازمة السورية بل ادركت ان ستقع مصيبة فيها بعد عودة المقاتلين من سوريا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لماذا يحق للدول البعيدة عن سوريا القلق من هذه الجماعات ولا يحق لنا القيام بخطوات استباقية لمواجهتم بالرغم ان الحكومة اللبنانية لم تقم باي خطوة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لو سيطرت الجماعات الارهابية على كل سوريا لكانت شهدت ما تشهده الرقة وريف ادلب
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الدول الغربية خائفة من الانتخابات في سوريا لانها تعرف ان المزاج الشعبي تبدل
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اريد ان اسال المسيحيين اين كنائسكم وصلبانكم ومقدساتكم وماذا فعلت الدول الكبرى لكم؟
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اذا انتصرت هذه الجماعات لا يعود هناك اي مستقبل لتيار "المستقبل" والزعامات السنية في لبنان
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اقتنعتم ام لم تقتنعوا نحن نشرب السم عنكم كي لا تتحملوا تداعيات انتصار الجماعات الارهابية
  • [--:--] نصرالله: الشهداء الذين يسقطون في التفجيرات الانتحارية هم كالشهداء الذين يسقطون في المعارك السورية ويجب تحمل هذه التضحيات كي لا تسبى كل ارواحنا ونسائنا واموالنا
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المعركة في سوريا مصيرية وتاريخية وتحتاج لوقت لكن افقها هو النصر
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المواجهة هي مسؤولية الجميع لان الكل مستهدف ولسنا نحنا فقط
  • [--:--] نصرالله: المواجهة تكون بعدم ايجاد التبريرات لهذه التفجيرات والذهاب لمنطق الدولة ونحن في ادبياتنا نعتبر دائما ان الامن من مسؤولية الدولة ونحن فقط شركاء في المقاومة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: يجب الاشادة بالجيش اللبناني ومخابرات الجيش لما قاموا به في الايام الماضية ونحث جميع الاجهزة التعاون فيما بينها
  • [--:--] نصرالله: في ما يختص بالملف الحكومي يحق لاي فرد تقييم الامور بحسب وجهة نظره والاختلاف في التقييم طبيعي بين الحلفاء والخصوم
  • [--:--] نصرالله: نحن نطالب دائما بالشراكة ولم نقل يوما نحن ضد مشاركة طرفا معين
  • [--:--] نصرالله: من عطل تشكيل الحكومة هو الذي كان يرفض تشكيل حكومة سياسية ودعا الى تشكيل حكومة حيادية
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لو ان المشكلة اقتصرت على الحقائب والمداورة لحلت المشكلة خلال وقت قصير
  • [--:--] نصرالله: امل وحزب الله فتحا باب الحل الحكومي ونحن نرى انفسنا في موقع قوة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لو بقينا مصرين على معادلة الـ 9 9 6 لما شكلت الحكومة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لم نناقش في الحقائب الا في الساعة الاخيرة لان همنا هو تشكيل الحكومة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: لم يبق امامنا اي حل سوى التسوية الحكومية لان الحكومة الحيادية وحكومة الامر الواقع تشكلان خطرا على البلد
  • [--:--] نصرالله: هذه ليست حكومة وحدة وطنية لان هناك طرفا وازنا في البلد خارج هذه الحكومة بل هذه حكومة تسوية
  • [--:--] نصرالله: كل طرف ممكن ان تستفزه شخصيات من الطرف الآخر لكن يحب القبول بهذه الشخصيات لمواجهة موجات الفتنة
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اولويات الحكومة هي الالتزام بالاستحقاقات الدستورية والتصدي للارهاب الى جانب الاهتمام بالوضاع الاقتصادية
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اود ان اوجه تحية كبيرة للشعب البحريني المظلوم بمناسبة انتهاء ثلاث سنوات على حركته السلمية رغم كل ما تواجهه
  • [--:--] نصرالله: اذا اردتم منع المنطقة من الذهاب الى حرب طائفية يجب وقف الحرب في سوريا وسحب المقاتلين منها للحفاظ على فلسطين ولبنان وسوريا والمنطقة
المصدر: موقع القوات اللبنانية

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pictures of Pasdaran IRGC Casualties in Syria

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

The Iranian Pasdaran (Persian for Guards; metonym for Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) a.k.a. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is involved militarily, on the ground, in Syria -- killing and getting killed to preserve the Bashar al-Assad sectarian regime. The presence of armed Pasdaran in Syria is considered by the majority of Syrians to be an unwanted sectarian occupation force.

The Pasdaran are waging war against the Syrians under the false pretext of protecting the late Lady Zeinab, daughter of Lady Fatimah and the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, and granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Shiite beliefs, the Lady Zeinab is buried and enshrined in Sayyeda Zeinab, now a town named after Her in Damascus Province.

The true reason for the presence of the Pasdaran, Hezbollah, Iraqi and other alien Shiite militias in Syria is to protect the Iranian Khomeinist regime. Indeed, the fall of the Assad regime leads to the cornering and undermining of Hezbollah, and, subsequently, the weakening of the mullah regime of Tehran.

Syria is getting destroyed and the Syrians are dying by the hundreds of thousands so that the Iranian theocracy can stay in power -- it is that simple!

Here are pictures of some of the Pasdaran elements who fell in Syria under the misleading slogan of protecting the late Lady Zeinab:

Reza Kargar Barzi

Mohammad Hassan Khalili

Ismael Heidari

Mahdi Mosavi

Ali Daraji

Abulfadl Shirvanian

Hadi Baghbani

Hossein Nusrati

Mahdi Azizi

From left, Mahdi Khorasani and Ali Asghar Shanaei

Mohammad Hossein Atri

Mohsen Heidari

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hezbollah Mouthpiece Wiam Wahhab: ISIS Better Than Siniora

Assad Henchman Launches a Staunch Attack on Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora

Wiam Wahhab
Wiam Wahhab
The head of the Arab Tawhid Party, former Lebanese minister of environment Wiam Wahhab (@WiamWahhab) considered that the formation of a new cabinet is a matter of only days, because many of the prior objections were have found their way out."

He told the Lebanon-based OTV (@OTVLebanon), former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora (@SinioraFuad) "is an Isisist [adherent of ISIS, the infamous terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] and has been declaring the citizens apostate for the past nine years and even ISIS is better than him."

Fouad Siniora
Wahhab indicated that "Everyone's size is small in the international game."

He further added, "There are two path in the Future Movement: Nader el Hariri (@NaderHariri) who contributed along with [former Prime Minister] Saad el Hariri (@HaririSaad) to opening the chasm [or gap], and [former Prime Minister] Siniora who made it deeper. And Speaker [of Parliament] Nabih Berri perceives what is happening."

Wahhab pointed out that "There is a political earthquake in the region smoldering [laying in wait] in the US-Iran deal," and indicated that "Those who do not grasp [or perceive] it shall drown."

Sources include: AlkhabarPress.com (Arabic-language story) and Wikipedia.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Assad's Sectarian Army's Song of Doom

The Nusayris' Message is Very Loud and Clear: Let Us Do the Dirty Job

Bashar al-Assad's army has reduced itself from
covertly sectarian to overtly sectarian

Bashar and the most precious of beloved ones
And we declare animosity on Ibn al-Khattab [2nd Caliph]

And I'm with you, am with you…

I name him az-Zindiq [Arabic for atheist unbeliever; commonly used to scorn 1st Caliph Abu Bakr]
Those who called him as-Siddiq [honorary title of 1st Caliph Abu Bakr]

And I'm with you, am with you…

It is us whom have Iran [on their side]
And we don't care about you O Uthman [the 3rd Caliph]

And I'm with you, am with you…

I sing and you sing
We want to mince [chop] the Sunni people

And I'm with you, am with you…

The last verse in this song
He who does not applaud his mom is Qatari [major supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood]

And I'm with you, am with you…

Hezbollah's sectarian murderer Hassan Nasrallah kissing
the left hand of sectarian murderer Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad's boss and partner in crime, might as well stop calling himself Vali e Amre Muslimeen and use a more proper sectarian title, Vali e Amre Khomeiniyeen.

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