Of Masters and Their Slaves

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hezbollah Mouthpiece Wiam Wahhab: ISIS Better Than Siniora

Assad Henchman Launches a Staunch Attack on Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora

Wiam Wahhab
Wiam Wahhab
The head of the Arab Tawhid Party, former Lebanese minister of environment Wiam Wahhab (@WiamWahhab) considered that the formation of a new cabinet is a matter of only days, because many of the prior objections were have found their way out."

He told the Lebanon-based OTV (@OTVLebanon), former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora (@SinioraFuad) "is an Isisist [adherent of ISIS, the infamous terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] and has been declaring the citizens apostate for the past nine years and even ISIS is better than him."

Fouad Siniora
Wahhab indicated that "Everyone's size is small in the international game."

He further added, "There are two path in the Future Movement: Nader el Hariri (@NaderHariri) who contributed along with [former Prime Minister] Saad el Hariri (@HaririSaad) to opening the chasm [or gap], and [former Prime Minister] Siniora who made it deeper. And Speaker [of Parliament] Nabih Berri perceives what is happening."

Wahhab pointed out that "There is a political earthquake in the region smoldering [laying in wait] in the US-Iran deal," and indicated that "Those who do not grasp [or perceive] it shall drown."

Sources include: AlkhabarPress.com (Arabic-language story) and Wikipedia.
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