Of Masters and Their Slaves

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Analysis: Are ISIL Terror Attacks in Lebanon a Serious Threat to Hezbollah?

Lebanon Is Just Too Far From ISIL's Relevant Theatres of Operations

Can the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) play its game in Lebanon and force Hezbollah to change its strategy in Syria?

Not really.

At best, ISIL can unleash minor terror campaigns in Lebanon, as the entity lacks a serious embracing environment among the country's Sunni Muslims. Sporadic terror blasts cannot force Hezbollah to withdraw any detachments from Syria.

What for, anyway?

Terror operatives are best fought with covert counterterrorism security operations -- not infantry.

Terrorist arrested in Beirut
Terrorist arrested in Beirut

To the contrary, Hezbollah should now have the motivation to send its terrorists deeper into Syria, into ISIL strongholds, and hunt the leadership of its foe in their bases and homes.

What ISIL gains from any terror attacks on Hezbollah targets, including the party's embracing environment, is sympathy from Sunni extremists. This may translate into more recruits for ISIL. But, none of the Sunnis in Lebanon are right now in a position to confront Hezbollah militarily.

Alas, even the official Lebanese state (including the Lebanese Armed Forces) is in the grip of the more powerful, but unofficial, Hezbollah state.

Terror blast in Dahiyeh
Terror blast in Dahiyeh

But, with its terror attacks in Lebanon, ISIL may be telling the West: You despise me, but, I'm after Hezbollah, so spare me your wrath and I'll weaken the Khomeinist Resistance Axis, for both you and me.

Indeed, the West will not go back into Iraq -- at least, not like it did in 2003, with thousands of troops on the ground. What for? To bleed for the sectarian regime of Nouri al-Maliki and its anti-US masters in Tehran?

Let the Resistance Axis deal with ISIL!

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