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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Justice is Catching up with Tikrit

Hezbollah Watch
Hezbollah Watch
By Hezbollah Watch

Great progress has been reported in the military effort to cleanse Tikrit of Daesh (a.k.a., ISIL; ISIS, 'Islamic State;' and IS) terrorists. Storming Tikrit -- without U.S. aerial support -- is not only about avenging  more than 1,566 Iraqi soldiers butchered in absolute cold blood and purely on the basis of their sectarian identity. (The captured soldiers were singled out because of they belonged to the Shiite Islamic sect.)

Iraqi soldiers marched to their
death by Tikriti terrorists
Tikrit is an evil town that has brought misery upon the Middle East -- to Iraq; to Iran; to Kurdistan; to Lebanon (where Tikrit's Saddam Hussein backed and armed the forces of Michel Aoun during the country's devastating civil war); to Kuwait (which was occupied and ruined by Saddam's forces in 1990); to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (which was threatened, invaded and bombed by Saddam's forces in 1991); to Israel (where Saddam leveled residential buildings on top of their civilian inhabitants during the Gulf War); and to many other nations that resisted Saddam and his hegemonic schemes.

Tel Aviv neighborhood
destroyed by Saddam
Tikrit is a living symbol of chronic and persistent murderous tyranny in Iraq. Tikrit victimized Iraq and the entire region, and every ethnic group and sect of religion.

It is due to this symbolism that Tikrit must be subdued now and at the very hands of those who suffered the most from its chronic ills -- the people of Iraq -- without overt American help.

Justice is finally catching up with Tikrit. Surely, what goes around, comes around.

Iraqi soldiers mass murdered by Tikriti war criminals

Iraqi soldiers 'genocided' by Tikriti war criminals on the basis of their Shiite identity
Iraqi soldiers 'genocided' by Tikriti war criminals on the basis of their Shiite identity

Iraqi prisoners of war mass murdered by Daesh (a.k.a. ISIS, ISIL; Islamic State; IS) war criminals on the basis of their Shiite identity
Daesh war criminals mass murdered their prisoners of war only because they are Shiites

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